Porches at Hoffmeyer's:


Hoffmeyer's is custom mill that can help you in duplicating or restoring your old porch (sometimes called a verandah). Perhaps you have 4 good posts and two rotten posts? We can turn two new posts to match the other four rather than having you purchase 6 new posts. Same thing goes for fretwork, bargeboards, corbels, spindles etc. We also offer wood T&G flooring, paneling and ceiling materials in shiplap or other patterns.

Hoffmeyer's Mill has a skilled staff of 6 with a combined working experience in this mill of 134+ years(yes one hundred and thirty four) with current family ownership spanning 36 years and counting.

There are now two pages here with plenty of ideas for you depicting our work that we have been involved with over the past few years. Please click next at the bottom of the page to see more.


The spring of 1999, we dressed up the front of the Mill with a "Cottage Style" roof .

We custom mill brackets in many ways.. you can supply images to us.

Custom "Swan" brackets touch off the plain chamferred posts

as well as the heavy base mouldings that we can still manufacture.

We saw custom balusters for an added dimension of detail.


"The Boss" showing how it's done!


The porch or verandah, a warm and inviting social place to watch the world go by.

...even the dog sticks around as it is the place to be!

Each baluster is cut out by hand and eye on our bandsaw.
We can cut them in many sizes and shapes!
All of our porch Balusters or Spindles are cut with a 15 degree bevel on
the bottom of each spindle to allow for proper drainage.
Our standard matching bottom rain is 1 3/4" thick by 3 1/4"
with a bevel to allow water to run away.This is VERY important.
If you look at any porch that is in rough shape, you will see that it is always 
at the bottoms of posts and spindles as the moisture has 
no place to run off so it lays on the wood and rots. Case in point:
A fillet between each spindle on the bottom rail is a no-no. A dado is even worse as it traps water. We recommend all components be primed and painted before installation. It does not have to be this way! Properly designed, treated and maintained wood will service you well for many years, especially if you start right. Above and below shows you how we think it should be done. We can mill you railing lengths up to 16' feet in length and we also carry straight plain, straight chamfer, or turned type balusters.
Railings, newels and chamfer spindles shipped in 2010 to our client in Napa, California. The chamfer is an affordable method of dressing up a square baluster or newel post. Thank you Lee
Above you can see from left our 2 1/4" turned baluster, 1 5/8" square spindle and 1 3/4" sawn belly baluster.
The Knill Family wanted the look of our Hoffmeyer porch on their home. It looks great with our gingerbread and "Swan" corbels with finial.
Farmhouse in Jerserville, Ontario The porch on the left is original and intact with the sloped roof but the original front porch with flat roof was gone. The customer had pictures and wanted to restore the home to as it was. Hoffmeyer's turns spandrels, cuts gingerbread, turns porch posts and matches fretwork. Because we had part of the original porch these made for samples which gave us the dimensions required to get it right. original porch left is old, right is new It really turned out great! Now, the home needs a couple of our wood storm doors :)
Given an old picture as a reference, we can figure it out!
if you need new, but want to keep it original looking call us! custom sawn millwork is one of our specialties. custom porch brackets that are a full inch thick!
Custom Exterior Millwork is a specialty here at Hoffmeyer's Send us your sample and we can reproduce!
We also stock substantial 2 1/4" turned spindles. The 2 1/4" turned balusters installed. a Lovely home in Woodstock, Ontario. (before shot)
Above shows our turning capabilities.We duplicated the railing components as well: The original design promoted rot as shown on the spindles above. The replacement spindles have a bevel incorporated into the bottom rail. This helps reflect water away avoiding standing water.
We have our products from coast to coast! above we have complete porch shipped to South Amboy, New Jersey railing components shipped to Dixon, California Another one of our Porches in California: Before: After: Thank you to Rosalie and Paul for sending the pictures!
Thanks to Daryl for providing these pictures of a job well done in Toronto!
The Mick's residence in Stratford, Ontario This porch was restored to the original design in 2006. Great Job! There are many variations to this style of porch railing system.
The Lyle farm in Southwestern Ontario Corbels on the verandah's we styled off of the existing original soffit brackets .
If you look closely at the images you will see that there are many variants of baluster design. This one is from Toronto, Ontario.
A fabulous job from Ed Dewland which is in process at Milford, PA - more images to come.
The Campbell home in Toronto Before above. ..and AFTER! A Great Job. Nothing like a nice porch with a view, a beverage & some company or the paper!
Jennifer & Jeff's farmhouse located nearby Listowel Ontario Our 2 1/4" turned balusters with matching 5 1/4" Posts look great!
Custom spandrels can also be produced.
A wonderful restoration of an home in lovely nearby Stratford, Ontario. This "Stratford" porch has glass/screen panels (not shown) to enclose the left end for true three season enjoyment.
Another fine job of a newer home located in Guelph, Ontario: V groove T&G was used on the ceiling. The simple straight baluster is always in style. Thanks to Ron & Chris
Custom Porch posts and rails in beautiful Cobourg Ontario. Watch for more pictures soon! Thanks to Susan and Richard.
Bring us a picture of what you are looking for. We'll price the job with no obligation and if you have to time to work with us this is the result: Thank you Ron in Bethany, Ontario. The job turned out Fantastic!
Another fine job in Maryland, USA: Thank you Jeffery!
Simple straight spindles in Gilmour Ave, Toronto. Thanks David!
Thank you Dale Edmonds for the continued business! A wonderful job you have completed. All pictures on our website show our product. It is not just a compilation of images. NEXT page 2 of porches Email or Call toll free for prices and any questions! 1-877-OGILVIE (1-877-644-5843) or email pictures or drawings to sales@hoffmeyersmill.on.ca We respond usually within a day. HOME updated 07/29/2018 all images/content copyright Hoffmeyer's Mill - all rights reserved